The Lokaal Development Plan

May 2018

Launch pre-ICO

June 2018

Recruit legal, sales and marketing, and development team

July 2018

Line up initial 501(c)3 partner for charitable contributions, Publish final white paper


August 2018

Finalize rules for economic mechanisms – potential open voting process for pre-ICO participants, Draft legal memorandum, Develop smart LOKA smart contracts

September 2018

Launch ICO


October 2018

Grow network partner list, Grow high density of business service providers within the operating regions, Continue technical development work

November 2018

Begin public utilization of tokens

December 2018

Expand consumer sales presence

Q2 2019

Enter carbon credit market

Currently our system is built on a centralized private token system while we are in beta. With our Pre-ICO, we will use the funds to complete the development of Lokas as a blockchain based crypto-currency and begin our business development efforts to bring on more vendors and suppliers into the eco-system. When we are ready to execute our ICO, all Lokas in the system will be carried over into a new crypto-tokens.  Anyone can participate in the Lokaal Market economy already by just purchasing Lokas directly from our website here.
For qualified investors who are interested in participating in the private Pre-ICO offer, send us your contact information, and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Your Net Worth, including your spouse, excluding your primary residence

Your average annual income for the past two years

We require this information at the moment in order to ensure that pre-ICO participants are legally accredited investors to qualify for our private offering. While we are confident that the LOKA is a pure utility token, being used specifically for products purchased within our network of partners, upon a more thorough legal review we may choose to ultimately register the ICO as a security

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