Current LOK/USD exchange rate of 10:1 will be fixed until the ICO.


Purchase LOKA for USD, ETH, or BTC.  LOKA credits can currently be redeemed as good as cash for product or gift cards at our participating marketplace partners. Lokaal Market will be developing ERC20 tokens in our planned ICO later this year.  At the time of the ICO, any LOKA credits held by customers will be automatically converted to LOKA tokens, with all of the additional benefits and features as outlined in our whitepaper.

In order to participate in our Pre-ICO discount program, or for larger purchases of LOKA credits, please visit the Pre-ICO details page on this site to learn more.

Purchase price is listed in USD ($0.10 for 1 LOKA w/o pre-ICO discount).  BTC and ETH prices will be converted on checkout.

If you have store credit from one of our partner stores which you would like to exchange for LOKA, please [btnsx id=”1680″]

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* Please note that while we are running our Pre-ICO, we are only accepting bitcoin or ether payments, and we currently can not accept direct credit or debit card purchases for LOKA on If you would like to purchase LOKA for current or future use and you do not have BTC or ETH to pay with, you can email us for options.  Alternatively, you may use a credit or debit card to purchase Nextdoorganics store credit on


These Pre-Sale tokens are fully refundable for the first 30 days after purchase.  After that they are redeemable for store credit only. As they hold current value in store credit, the sales related to these tokens not included in our “pre-ICO” use of funds, as we will hold the full value of these sales available for refund or for cost of goods sold.


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