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CocoaCompassion® envisions a world where no one is locked into a cycle of poverty. Where all have the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives; complete with passion, purpose, and economic independence

CocoaCompassion® is a social enterprise that is inspiring communities through chocolate and local resources in order to empower interconnected worlds; consumers of chocolate and cacao farming communities; both require new knowledge that is critical in our rapidly evolving and complex world.


Through a combination of products and edutainment offerings to the general public, local businesses and academic institutions, we will seed high-value knowledge & skills. Our approach is hooking left & right brain behavior, practicality with emotional connection. This is accomplished by connecting chocolate, a comfort food, and local resources, with STEAM based concepts for the purposes of making high value products and activating positive connection across groups of people

Deliciously healthy, empowering chocolate products and edutainment offerings serving the general public, local businesses and academic institutions. 20% profit will be reinvested to provide under-served communities with the high-value skills and resources needed to turn indigenous ingredients and materials into finished products that pave a path towards economic independence.


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