Donate LOKA tokens to small farms and foodmakers around the world!

The tokens that you purchase here will be included in our Lokaal Support Fund, which is a charitable fund that we maintain for the purpose of making microgrants and interest free loans to smallholder farmers, foodmakers, and other environmental remediation projects around the world. By using the blockchain, we can provide end-to-end traceability on your donations, and distribute funds globally without relying on expensive financial middle-men.

Purchase price is listed in USD ($0.10 for 1 LOKA).  BTC and ETH prices will be converted on checkout.

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* Please note that while we are running our Pre-ICO, we are only accepting bitcoin or ether payments, and we currently can not accept direct credit or debit card purchases for LOKA on lokaal.market. If you would like to purchase LOKA for current or future use and you do not have BTC or ETH to pay with, you can email us for options. For cash, check or credit card donations, and/or larger tax deductible donations, please contact us at [email protected]


If you like, when you check out, you may specify whether you would like your donation to go to our microgrant program or our interest free loan program. As we build out the technological backbone of our funding system, we will provide means for you specify additional criteria such as region, industry, and other categories.

You are also able to fund individual farms directly from our funding page, where we showcase some of the farms and projects in our network.

Current LOK/USD exchange rate of 10:1 will be fixed until the ICO. All purchases of 1,000 LOKA or greater will receive 5% bonus LOKA as a gift for your donation.

Donations made on this page are fully refundable only within the first 48 hours. After that initial 48 hour holding period, we will make them available to projects in our network for funding, and the donation will be considered final.

Currently, donations made on this page are not tax deductible. Larger tax-deductible donations can be made through our 501c3 partner, please contact us for details.


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