LOKA tokens are intended to be used for the purchase of product within the Lokaal Market network, and to provide a platform which supports small scale agriculture and enables positive social impact.  Any financial gain or loss from the change in value of LOKA tokens over time is secondary to this purpose and this white paper makes no claim or prediction regarding this incidental effect.

Small farmers and foodmakers in the US and globally are suffering due to structural problems which make it difficult for them to affordably access markets and capital.

At the same time, the demand for products sourced from these ‘good food’ producers is increasing. Due to the difficulty in providing end to end traceability in the food supply chain, this value is not realized by many producers, or is taken by intermediaries.  

We believe that a purpose-built ERC20 token and marketplace designed specifically for the ‘good food’ economy can solve this problem and provide a level playing field. And when that playing field is level, we believe ‘good food’ will always win.


          excerpts from our white paper below, contact us for more information:


Our full white paper is currently a work in process and is available only to accredited investors until our pre-ICO is closed.  For access to the full white paper or other details, please contact us here:

Your Net Worth, including your spouse, excluding your primary residence

Your average annual income for the past two years

We require this information at the moment in order to ensure that pre-ICO participants are legally accredited investors to qualify for our private offering. While we are confident that the LOKA is a pure utility token, being used specifically for products purchased within our network of partners, upon a more thorough legal review we may choose to ultimately register the ICO as a security

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